I’m Back :)

29 Jun

Hello Bloggers!

Long time no see! I have had some serious changes happen within my life that I had to step away for a while. I am back and will be making new posts very soon. I would also like to say that I will be making another blog page that will be focused on christian topics and bringing glory and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ through blogging! I’m so excited. It will serve as a purpose to connect other followers:) I will see you soon.:)


Being Dark-Skinned: My Experience.

28 Feb

Hello, Encourage.Dark.Skin. Readers!

I am back. Sorry for the blog being so late due to being busy these past few weeks. I would like to share in this second blog post my experience/story on being a dark-skinned woman. I hope that this post will help other women share their stories and experiences as well.

I started noticing that being dark-skinned has affected my self-esteem and self-image since I was a girl. My  peers would treat me differently because my skin was darker than others and they perceived me as being unattractive, ugly or not worthy of being respected. I was the victim of bullying in high school due to the color of my skin, where it took a toll on me emotionally. They would call me names such as darkie, gorilla etc. I felt that I was alone and that no one understood what I was going through, not my friends or family.

It took me a long time to understand that I did have support from my true friends and family and that the color of my dark-skin was NOT unattractive BUT beautiful. I feel that dark-skinned women need to lift each other up during these rough times and let other dark-skinned women know that they beautiful, attractive and worthy of respect from others. I am not saying that every dark-skinned woman  go through these negative experiences/stories, but I am reaching out to those who are or who have endured an experience/story that is similar to mine.

Anyone who have similar stories/experiences?

Daria R.

Encourage.Dark.Skin. Blogger


8 Feb

This is the first post for Encourage.Dark.Skin!! This is a blog for people to express their thoughts and experiences being a dark-skinned African-American woman. This blog also serves as an outlet to share stories with other women who are going through the same situation or experiences.


Daria R.

Encourage.Dark.Skin. Blogger




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